All-in-One Homeschool Culinary Program for Kids, Tweens and Teens


The Step Stool Chef Academy is a fun and engaging culinary course with a full curriculum that can be completed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and AT YOUR OWN PACE

What's Included in the Program

The Course Includes 6 Lessons and Each Lesson Features:


 A Kids Teaching Kids INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO  shared in a language kids can understand and enjoy


 Fun and engaging HANDS-ON ACTIVITY  designed to allow kids to practice the skills and techniques learned


All Inclusive COOKING KIT that features a kid-friendly recipe along with key ingredients and cooking tools that let kids make their own dish from start to finish


 FACILITATORS GUIDE AND RESOURCES that includes answer keys, instructional tips, preparation guides, a graduation certificate and more!

What's Covered in the Curriculum

Lesson 1: Pots, Pans & Appliances This lesson covers basic cookware and appliances as well as tips on when to best use them. Plus, it starts with some great kitchen safety rules. (Cooking Kit: Dutch Baby Pancakes)

Lesson 2: Basic Cooking Skills & Tools This lesson covers basic cooking tasks such as mixing, cutting, juicing, peeling & grating. Additionally, it provides a lesson on knife safety skills. (Cooking Kit: Mashed Potato Cups)

Lesson 3: Tasting Food & The Four Basic Flavors This covers a quick lesson on taste buds & the 4 basic types of flavor (sweet, savory, salty, & bitter) as well as introduces a 5th taste: umami. (Cooking Kit: Strawberry Lemonade Muffins)

Lesson 4: Herbs & Spices This lesson covers the differences between herbs and spices as well as shares how they can help improve the taste and flavor of your recipe. (Cooking Kit: Pasta Bake)

Lesson 5: Baking Basics This lesson introduces important tasks and skills to know when baking such as measuring, kneading, rolling and using cookie cutters. (Cooking Kit: Cinnamon Ribbon Bread)

Lesson 6:  Experimenting & Being Creative The final lesson encourages kids to experiment and be creative in the kitchen. Kids learn kids how to read a recipe and tips on how to get creative in changing up the recipe. (Cooking Kit: Mystery Graduation Box)

Here's how it works:


Get the Curriculum

Sign up for the program receive an email with the link and instructions on how to login to the curriculum. Once logged-in, you will have immediate access to the videos, hands-on activities, and facilitator guides.


Get the Cooking Kits

All 6 cooking kits included in the program will be shipped to you during either the June or September shipment. You will receive an email prior to shipment notifying you that your kits are on its way!


Get Cooking

Once you have your kits and curriculum, you can execute your classes ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, AT YOUR OWN PACE .

My daughter actually got started cooking using [Step Stool Chef Academy]... It is the best!! Thank you for helping me bring a love to cooking to my daughter.

Sarah Porter Mom of 2, Wife, and Entrepreneur

Teach Your Kids to Cook The Right Way and Enjoy Our Limited Time Deal!

Step Stool Academy Homeschool Bundle $199 (normally $249)

Featuring 6 Classes and EACH Class Includes:

  • Kids Teaching Kids Instructional Video
  • Fun and Engaging Hands-on Activity
  • All-Inclusive Cooking Kit for Kids with pre-measured ingredients, kid-friendly cooking tools and step-by-step photo recipe
  • Facilitators Guide and Resources
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What ages are the classes best for?

The courses are ideal for kids ages 5-15. However, we have great tips for toddlers who want to help out in the kitchen as well as challenges even adults would enjoy. 

How long will it take to complete?  

It is  completely flexible and can be done around your schedule. There are 6 courses that you can complete at your own pace. Each video is approx. 5 minutes. The activities and recipes can be done at your own pace.

When will I receive the cooking kits?

You will be able to select from with either a June or September ship date. This will allow you to integrate the courses in either a Summer or Fall curriculum. The ingredients have extended shelf life up to three months (except the lemon which we encourage you to use no later than 3 weeks after you have received it).

What if I have more questions?  

Feel free to contact us at with any additional questions.

We've Taken The Guesswork Out of Teaching Kids to Cook!

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